Our aim is to give good service and high-quality products.

We take great care to ensure that the technical specifications of everything which goes into your new driveway are of the highest quality. While we do not expect our customer to fully understand the science behind the products, these are a few of the ways we measure the ingredients to ensure quality.

Aggregates specification

Aggregate Specification

PSV - Polished Stone Value

This is the resistance of the aggregate to polishing and therefore a reflection of how slippery the finished surface will be internally and externally.

SRV - Skid Resistance Value

This is the measure of the amount of skid resistance while the aggregate is in the binding system.

ACV - Aggregate Crushing Value

This is the resistance of the base aggregate to crushing which affects the stability of the finished surface.

AIV - Aggregate Impact Value

This is the resistance of the base aggregate to impact which has a direct effect on the impact stress from moving vehicles on the finished surface.


We use the highest quality resin and catalysts in the installation process. These are natural plant based aggregates which are ethically produced and kind to the environment.


We ensure careful handling of the products which are not classed as overly hazardous once they are combined and will take care of all the storage and disposal once they are on site. However we do ask customers to not touch any of the products for safety reasons. He will happily explain what each product is if you are interested.

Best Choice

Different aggregates and surfaces need different resins and chemicals so we will ensure the best specification.

Installation specification materials on site


Resin Specification

Laying resin on driveway


Installation Specification

Driveway Resurface

Some driveways are well constructed and we find that they have a solid enough substrate to remove the surface layer and re-cover with the newer resin drive materials.

Driveway Cover

If the existing surface is solid enough but needs a refresh we can cover over your existing drive. We will make adjustments for levels and drainage.

Driveway Replacement

If the driveway has issues underground we can dig out and replace the full surface and even replace the substrate as well. This is more involved but we take care to install the right materials underneath so that the drainage goes all the way through to the ground in order to comply with SuDS guidance.

No need to worry too much about the details of product specifications as your RockPave Surveyor will make sure you have the right product in the right place. Just explain your needs and intended use to him and he will do the rest. It’s all part of the service.

We will not know what needs doing until we survey so call RockPave today to arrange your FREE survey.

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