A low maintenance option …

One of the many advantages of Resin Surfacing is its very low maintenance. It should need little looking after and compared to other driveway products, it’s a breeze. Although full details are in the after-care pack, the general idea is:-



Do not use strong chemical cleaners. They are not needed and may do more harm than good.


Stains and Oil

These must be cleaned off as soon as possible. If you have any issues removing these contact RockPave as soon as possible.


Jet wash on a gentle setting (Max 600 bar) with a wide angle setting using a soapy water as described in the pack. The drive is stain resistant so this should suffice.


The driveway will have been designed to suit your stated needs and the type of vehicle you normally use. Do not put extremely heavy objects on the drive or drag skips across the surface as this may cause damage. If you are at all unsure then please feel free to call RockPave.


Ice and snow

Salt and grit can be used as normal as they will not harm the surface but once the snow and ice is gone wash it off the drive. Do not use harsh metal edged implements such as spades on the surface as this will damage it.

A common sense approach …

Whist the driveway is strong and durable, we recommend you use a common sense approach to looking after it. If it isn't ever cleaned or you have been parking 10 tonne trucks on it and dragging skips or heavy machinery across the surface, it just isn’t going to last but no driveway surface would.

The advantages are clear!

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