Resin bonding is only suitable for short term or light use projects…

A resin bonded surface consists of a chemically altered coating applied to the surface of the driveway with an Aggregate coating applied to the surface layer.

Essentially this is a “sprinkle coat” solution. While these can look attractive and may be suitable for some light use applications, they are never a long term solution.

Because the Aggregate is not fully immersed in the resin base, the stones will work loose over time and start to look patchy. Within the driveway industry this is often considered a “painting over the cracks” method. If you look at the image to the right it is obvious that the stones have started to work loose and the surface no longer looks even.

Resin Bound Drives

Resin Bound Surfacing is the correct way to create a new drive……

The stones within a resin bound surface cannot work loose as they are fully immersed in the resin. The coating is evenly applied to each and every individual stone which cause them to fully bond to each other. They cannot work loose because they are joined at every point.

The advantages of Resin Bound Drives are:

Anti fade

The sun cannot damage the colour or the stone because we add a UV protection substance during the installation process. This does not allow the suns UV rays to affect the stone in any way.

Puddle Free

Everyone hates large puddles on the drive and in winter these can freeze. A resin bound surface is fully porous and the water can naturally drain into the ground below and follow the lands natural drainage.

slippy driveway surface

Anti slip

Resin Bound surfacing is naturally less slippery than other driveway materials. Our stones are already less slippery than some other driveway surfaces and we even have the option of adding a surface anti-slip material in some areas.

Stain Resistant

Driveways get a lot of use so liquids and other debris can sometimes build up on the surface of the drive. Because of the composition of Resin bound surfacing these cannot adhere and can easily be washed away

No Cracks

A drive looks terrible with cracks and gaps. Most other driveway surfaces are totally set and therefore liable to cracking. Resin bound surfacing remains slightly flexible at a cellular level and so is much less likely to crack.

Weed Resistant

Weeds have an annoying way of creeping up on a driveway surface. Resin bound surfacing resists weeds at a cellular level and the seeds wash down into the ground well below the level that sunlight can penetrate.

Resin Bound Surfacing is the ultimate way to install a new driveway..

The stones in a resin bound driveway bind together with a full coating of resin but this leaves small gaps which allow water to pass through.

The water cannot damage the stones themselves as they are fully coated. This protects them from deterioration.

The construct of the material makes it very strong and we can specify different materials depending on the traffic and use of the surface. Tell your RockPave Surveyor what you need and we can specify accordingly.

Resin bound aggregate Hull

We are happy to explain the full features and benefits of the RockPave products line when we call out to measure your drive.

We offer a FREE survey service and you will be surprised at the number of colour choices we have available.

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