Making the most of our Summers...

English summers are uncertain but when we get good weather we love to make the most of it. It may surprise you to know that we officially get 124 days of sunshine on average each year. Surprised ? That's almost 17 weeks !

When the sun is out we make the most of our outside space and whether it is a large garden or a small back yard. Resin Surfacing is perfect for outdoor living and eating because:-

It also makes amazing footpaths and boundaries so you can create the perfect frame for your garden space no matter what size it is.

A beautiful but low maintenance surface.




patio seating

Resin Pathways and Borders

The all round solution……

Of course resin surfacing makes perfect pathways and borders. If you are improving your garden space you could also use the same resin surfacing to run a path around your home or create a perfect walkway to your conservatory. Its a multi-use surface and will create a connection between different aspects of your property. We can help you see the design possibilities.

Perfect pathways and walkways.


Garden Path

Perfect pathways and walkways.

We would love to show you how permeable paving can improve the appearance of your home.

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