Artificial Grass is a great idea if it installed correctly.

Artificial Grass is the perfect product to sit beside your new resin surface but traditional methods of installing it means that it soon moves, winkles and fills with weeds.This is because traditionally artificial grass is laid on a bed of sand and stretched between the sides of an underground timber framework.Weeds grow in the sand and the timber rots quite quickly and soon the grass starts to look terrible.

MaxiGrass by Rockpave.

Our MaxiGrass surface is designed to last much longer. We construct the base from compacted stone which we overlay with a specialist rubber mulch.When this has cured we attach the grass using a patented chemical bonding agent. Grass can be laid in any shape and is much more long lasting and pleasant to walk on.

Stone Base

Rubber Crumb



The possibilities are endless and the final result will look good and feel natural foryears.

For full details of our Artificial Grass products call us on 01482 911749

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