Looking for some driveway design ideas ?

We love designing driveways and our surveyors have years of experience to know exactly what to put where and how to make your home look even better than it is now. We offer a free survey and design service but we do not use old school block paving, tarmac or concrete.

The days of these old school driveway materials are dead and gone in our opinion. We specialise in Resin Bound Driveways which offer many advantages over other types of products. How many times have you walked or driven past a block paved or tarmac drive to see it looking shabby, cracked and uneven ? This can happen in a surprisingly short amount of time but Resin Bound Surfacing is so much better.

What is a Resin Driveway ?

A Resin Bound driveway is a thick layer of Aggregates (Stones) bound together in a layer of natural resin. This natural plant resin is changed at a molecular level by a special catalyst which causes it to harden. Due to the mixing process every stone is coated with the resin and protected from both staining and water.

This layer bonds the stones together but still allows water to pass through the surface and into the ground below. This makes the driveway surface permeable which has many benefits over non permeable surfacing such as tarmac, concrete or block paving.

What are my design options ?

The design options are limitless with this type of surfacing. There are lots of standard colour combinations and RockPave can even design custom colours to suit your particular property type. Your home is as individual as you are and our customers love to choose that special design to finish off perfectly.​


Before &



Colour Options

We do have a range of standard colours. However we can also mix and match different gravel colour to create unique colours if you have something specific in mind to make your property stand out or if the drive needs to match a particular stone or brick colour.

Call RockPave to arrange a free survey so we can run through your driveway design ideas.

Mineron Resin Bound driveway material. Rockpave
Terrox Resin Bound driveway material. Rockpave
Sample 8 Resin Bound driveway material. Rockpave

“We didn’t think we’d get to choose our own colour. Our house stone colour is unique but the driveway matches it perfectly”.
Mrs & Mrs Jennings

Sample 5 Resin Bound driveway material. Rockpave
Polka Resin Bound driveway material. Rockpave
Sample 4 Resin Bound driveway material. Rockpave

Benefits of resin driveway material

Rockpave 10 year guarantee
Why is resin bound best
Resin Bound Block Paving Tarmac Loose Gravel Imprinted concrete
No planning needed X X X
Less Puddles or Ice X X X
Standard Colours 40 2
Custom Colours X X
Weed Resistance X X X
Partly Flexible X X

If you would like more details on our products or book a FREE Survey please contact us today.

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