The small amount of maintenance a resin driveway needs is vital.

Whilst a resin driveway is the easiest of all driveway surface types to maintain it is essential to do the right thing at the right time.We have no made the Rock pave Clean & Care service available to all our customers to make sure their resin bound surface look its best for many years.Clean & Care includes………. A carefully structured care plan can keep your resin bound surfacing looking truly amazing for many years.

1. Damage Inspection– Any accidental damage needs to be spotted as soon as possible and then rectified to prevent it getting worse.

2. Weed Killer– Using the right weed killer is essential as it will then soak into the foundations to stop weeds forming below ground and also kill any weeds which have blown onto the surface.

3. Moss & Algae Treatment– Specialist chemicals can destroy moss and algae and help prevent its return.

4. Cleaning– The weather in the UK makes it impossible for a driveway to stay clean forever. A thorough clean will bring out the best in your resin surface.

5. Re Seal & Anti-slip– Years of use will reduce the effective-ness of the anti-slip coating. This can be re applied as part of re-sealing the driveway.

For full details of our Clean & Care program call us on 01482 911749

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