Rockpave Resin Driveways having been trading for over 22 years and install exclusively in East Yorkshire.
We are a full service company installing Resin Bound Driveways, Tarmac and Block Paving. We can handle all aspects of your project from walling to drainage and excavation. Almost 95% of our driveways are Resin Bound Gravel but we still occasionally undertake block paving and tarmacking work.

See below for examples of our work in and around Hull.

Resin bound driveway. Hessle

This customer wanted the perfect driveway designing to use as a parking space. The old tarmac drive driveway was faded and cracked.

Customers who drive larger 4x4 vehicles often find that their traditional drive starts to crack as these kind of vehicles are generally heavier than traditional smaller cars.

Because the car also shades certain parts of the driveway, the parts which get the most sunlight start to fade and in a very short time, the driveway is cracked and badly faded in places.

A correctly specified and constructed resin driveway will allow for the increased vehicle weight and our UV protection resin option makes sure the driveway stays the same colour across the full surface area and wont fade over the years to come.

Resin bound driveway. Hessle

Lots of people see the potential in resin paving to finish off their garden area. It looks amazing and makes the perfect frame for a picture perfect garden.

Because planning should not be needed you can let your imagination run wild and have the garden area you have always dreamed of.

We can create a resin patio or a outside dining area for those summer meals in the open. Our surveyor will show you lots of useful ideas during your free survey. Contact RockPave for more details.

Some home owners share a pathway or driveway and resin surfacing makes these look amazing.

The reduced risk of slipping and the fact that surface water will drain away into the ground, makes RockPaves resin pathways much safer than traditional concrete or tarmac paths.

Because we also have almost endless colour variations, a path can be designed to match your property and garden area.

Red resin drive Hedon Hull
Red resin drive Hedon Hull

Have you ever wanted to make use of the wasted space at the front of your property ?

Lots of families have more than one car and it’s so useful to have extra parking spaces. Because resin driveways are structural and can be tailored to all types of uses, we can actually create extra parking for you from un-used garden areas.

This keeps your cars within the boundaries of your property which makes thieves or vandals much less likely to interfere with your vehicles. Of course this will also add value to your property as it will look amazing and drastically increase the kerb appeal of your home. You will get years of use from your new drive and know that you have invested money in your property wisely.

Tree pits often look neglected and untidy. Resin surface material type tree pits are an ideal compromise between looking totally unkept or not allowing the tree to grow correctly.

A carefully designed tree pit will look neat and tidy while allowing water into the ground to feed the tree and will not create a gap for rubbish to accumulate in.

They are both kind to the environment and attractive to the eye. You’ll be the envy of your neighbours with these tree pits.

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