Cost comparison of resin drives

Cottingham driveway restoration

This particular driveway had originally been constructed by using large concrete slabs. The driveway had moved a little a long time ago but was basically very solid. Not very pretty though and as part of a larger project to renovate the whole garden it would have let the whole project down if it stayed the same.

We repaired all the cracks and did some work raising the old (non standard) inspection points to the new driveway level. Once this was done this left the surface ready to take the resin bound surface.

The paving and Orangery had been complete in a slate grey colour and we felt that a lighter grey would lift the tone of the garden and make it lighter.

Any resin bound surface naturally follows the ground levels and the light grey colour would make the surface look more uniform.

The existing concrete needed preparing and priming before the resin could be laid.

We also did some work to create a boundary for the small tree which the customer wanted to keep. This made a nice feature in the garden and made sense from an appearance point of view.

The resin surface was carefully applied to the concrete and once we started to lay we know we had chosen the right colour.

Once the resin had had a few days to cure it was fully usable and the customer was very happy.

It’s always makes us happy to see a well completed job and smiling customers.


What now ?

No one can deny that resin driveways look amazing.We can only convey a small amount of information by small blog posts like these and would love to explain the advantages of Resin Bound Surfacing in more detail.We offer a free survey service and would be happy to discuss your project in more detail.

Call Rockpave now on 01482 911749 and we will be glad to help.

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