Yet another completed driveway in HU7. Our customer had a lovely home and the final touch was a new driveway. Parking is always at premium whichever part of Hull you live in and this made the best use of the space.
completed driveway in grey resin

Completed grey resin driveway

Driveway before we started

Before we started any work

This was what the driveway looked like before we started any work. Puddles built up all over and the sloose stones mad their way into the house and onto the main road. Lots of sweeping up!

Porous and fully protected from any sun damage

Before the final resin is laid we put down specialist porous tarmac which will allow the water through to the stone sub base. The driveway is not complete but is fully usable.
Driveway at tarmac stage

tarmac stage

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We also install Tarmac driveways, car parks and roads. We have a full size tarmac machine and excavation equipment to complete projects of all sizes. We have well over 20 years experience installing tarmac drives, roadways and car parks. Contact us for more information.

surface excavation

Excavation & Full Ground Works Where Required


Existing Surfaces Prepared & Covered If Suitable

driveway award

Award Winning Resin Bound Driveways, Paths and Patios

Workman hand laying tarmac driveway in Hull

Tarmac Driveways on request

What now ?

No one can deny that resin driveways look amazing. We can only convey a small amount of information by small blog posts like these and would love to explain the advantages of Resin Bound Surfacing in more detail. We offer a free survey service and would be happy to discuss your project in more detail.

Call Rockpave now on 01482 911749 and we will be glad to help.

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